Matco offers a variety of adhesive custom solutions, which can help any company in any industry. We strongly believe that a key factor in streamlining your bonding process is to offer the right adhesive product in a format that not only matches your specific application requirements but will also increase efficiency, reduce cost and reduce waste. Therefore, whether you are looking for spooling, die cutting, printing, slitting or more, we will find the right solutions for your needs in order to optimize your operation. If you have any questions on any of our adhesive custom solutions, feel free to contact us!


Matco utilizes its high performance slitting capabilities in order to offer customers custom-sized rolls. These custom rolls help optimize usage by choosing a roll size specific to the application. With the help of our precision slitting machinery, a large roll is converted into smaller rolls of tape. We can take almost any of our specialty adhesive tapes and customize them to your needs. Speak to one of our Solutions Specialist to help you design the right sized rolls for your application!

Adhesive custom solutions - Slitting

Die Cutting:

Matco offers die-cut tapes in specific shapes and sizes for specific applications hence optimizing our customers’ process, by reducing time, waste and cost. Most of our products can be die-cut and converted in order to fit your specific needs. Speak to one of our Solutions Specialist to help you design the right die cut for your application!

Adhesive custom solutions - Die cutting


Matco’s high-performance double-sided tapes can transform virtually any extruded part into a ready-mount component! We take long-length rolls of tape and slit to a desired width. Also, more tape on the roll means less time changing out rolls during the extrusion process, which will equate to more ready-mount components for your customers. These long-length spooled tapes can also be directly embedded into your production line. Speak to one of our Solutions Specialist to help you design the right spool for your application!

Adhesive custom solutions - Spooling


Printed tapes are very popular in the adhesive custom solutions we offer. If you are looking for prints on your tape, whether it be a company logo, packaging information, marking information, or specific colors, Matco offers high quality printed tapes. Speak to one of our Solutions Specialists to help you design a customized printed tape on any one of our tape products!

Adhesive custom solutions - Printing