As a business, you should always take every branding opportunity that comes your way. The idea is to get your brand message out to the masses so that both current and potential clients can be seeing your brand now and then. In as much as there are many ways to achieve this, it is regrettable that most businesses don’t exploit shipping to brand effectively. For most companies, once they have branded boxes, they think that’s enough. However, there is a lot more that can be done to make shipping more brandable, and that is exactly what we are going to share with you in this piece. Read below to find out more!

Use custom shipping boxes

Don’t be like most businesses where the only interest is to get the package delivered to customers safely. Though this is important, you will be losing a lot of branding opportunities if you send out your shipping in plain boxes. For example, think of how delightful it is to find brown Amazon boxes with a grinning smile at your doorstep.  Take note that this is not just any ordinary box – it is well branded in the simple company colors and logo. If Amazon is doing it with great success there is absolutely no reason for you not to!  Most businesses normally think it is expensive to get boxes branded, but this is not entirely true. It is easy and inexpensive to use branded box with custom shipping tape.

Use custom shipping bags

Just like boxes, so many companies don’t exploit the full branding opportunities that come with shipping bags. All they need are plain simple bags, made from cheap materials that will be used only for the shipping and then get discarded. You can choose to be a bit more sophisticated with your shipping by going the extra mile to not just brand the shipping bags, but also get bags made from high quality material. Ideally, consider going for eco-friendly materials because you don’t want to be the company that ships their products in bags that are harmful to the environment.

Bags are a bit more versatile than boxes which may be discarded after the item is delivered. With bags, one may use them now and then when running errands such as shopping for groceries down at the mall. With your brand on them, it means that more people whom you did not send anything to will be seeing your logo and brand message. This kind of exposure is necessary as one of the long term strategies for growing your brand. The results may not be immediate, but they will come eventually.

Use custom shipping tapes

With most shipping, especially if you are using shipping boxes, you will most certainly need to use shipping tape. But with so many types of shipping tapes available, you don’t have to go the normal way of using the same old, boring, brown shipping tapes. You can always choose to stand out from the crowd and deliver your packages with custom shipping tapes with the name of your business and logo printed on them. There are so many tape manufacturing companies you can approach to help you brand your tapes with the relevant information. Whatever you print on the tapes may vary depending on the industry, but in most cases, the tapes will usually bear the company’s name, logo and tagline.

Other than for branding purposes, using custom shipping tapes will benefit you and your business in the following ways:

Easy traceability of the items – when you ship out goods wrapped with custom shipping tape, it becomes easy when the item gets lost and needs to be sent back to the company. The shipping tape is likely to contain contact information on how to reach the company. Additionally, if you are in industries such as food and manufacturing, you can include information such as the batch number or EC number to identify the products and make them easily traceable.

Professionalism – shipping out your packages in branded tapes will create a great impression about your business. It will make you appear more professional, and this will make your brand appear more reputable before current and potential clients.

Identification – with custom shipping tape, you make it easy for the shipping to be identified, leading to a few losses and misplacement. This is unlike when using the normal tapes with no clear method of identifying them apart from the shipping labels.

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