Best Tips to Make Your Shipping More Brandable

As a business, you should always take every branding opportunity that comes your way. The idea is to get your brand message out to the masses so that both current and potential clients can be seeing your brand now and then. In as much as there are many ways to achieve this, it is regrettable [...]

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Uses for Butyl Tapes

Butyl tape is available in a variety of forms. They come with a great deal of versatility and this implies that they have applications in a wide range of industries. They are available in assorted thicknesses and widths, and with enviable properties in strength, durability, and resistance to elements. They are chemically inert, thus will [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tapes are some of the best you will ever find in the industry. They are versatile, efficient and reliable. You can trust them to get the work done. Whether you are in the construction, photography, theatre, or industrial staging works, this is one tape you don’t want to miss in your toolbox. It is, [...]

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3M Double-Sided Tape: About and Best Application

Double-sided tapes are tapes that have adhesive coatings on both sides. They are designed to be used for sticking two surfaces together, and the nature of their construction makes them nearly invisible in the final product. As such, they lead to cleaner results with wonderful displays of better craftsmanship. Unlike screws and rivets, which may [...]

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Top Clever Uses of Duct Tapes You Didn’t Know About

Duct tape is a common find in the toolboxes of many DIY enthusiasts and most self-respecting handymen. They were a versatile invention for the United States Army, though their use has far extended applications within the military. In the army, the tape was the solution to sealing ammunition boxes so that they can remain intact [...]

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Epoxy Glue – What it is and common applications

If you have been looking for adhesives for various applications, you might have heard of epoxy glue or epoxy resin. Epoxy glue is an adhesive that features a synthetic mixture of an epoxy polymer or a resin mixed with a suitable hardener and used for joining or attaching the same or different surfaces together. It [...]

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Join MPI MATCO at Sign Expo Canada 2019

Join MPI MATCO at Sign Expo Canada 2019 on September 20 – 21 at the The International Centre – Entrance 1, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga. You’ll find us at booth #511. Our specialists will show you the strongest and most resistant bonding solutions for the signage industry. You will learn about the latest releases in Pressure [...]

How is Gaffer Tape used on TV/movie set?

Gaffer tape is a cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape with excellent adhesive properties. This tape is used in the entertainment industry to support the lighting team, to fix props & equipment, and to secure the camera and mark spots. Gaffer tape has a lot of benefits such as not reflecting light. Checkout this infographic to [...]

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What is gaffer tape?

Gaffer tape is also called gaff tape, spike tape or camera tape and comes with excellent tensile and adhesive properties. You will find it being used widely in the entertainment industry including television production, theatre, film, photography, and also in industrial staging. Many believe that it got its name from the gaffer, who is commonly [...]

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