Nowadays, numerous tapes are available for different things, however there are three main categories of tapes that are commonly used. First we have masking tapes that are utilized for painting jobs. They offer great adhesion to any surface; they are resistant to heat (for up to seven days), they are easily removable and don’t let any paint through. Secondly there are stucco tapes, perfect for windows and door frames. These tapes can be strongly bonded  to surfaces (they can be really hard to remove), they are very resistant to high heat thanks to their UV protection and they can be teared by hand easily. Finally, we have double-sided tapes that are suitable for the constructive bonding of transparent and translucent materials. They exist with an acrylic core, PVC backing and conformable polyethylene foam. They all offer very high bonding power, immediate adhesion, and are chemical and heat resistance.

Thanks to their versatility and effectiveness, they all became extremely popular. Professional workers use these three types of tapes all the time and they are considered an important part of any tool box.

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The most common used tapes in Construction