Our value is in the service that we offer. We do not solely offer products, we offer a customized solution conceived in partnerships with our clients.

Matco Process

Step 1

Our solutions specialist will sit down with you and have a detailed discussion about your business in order to understand your application and the substrates that need bonding. This information will enable us to tailor a product to your needs. This is also where we familiarize ourselves with your business in order to identify aspects of your operations that could be optimized.

Step 2

A vital part of our process is to analyze the gathered information. With it, our technical team can establish a course or action. Furthermore, our engineers will be able to test the recommended products according to your specific needs. We present this information to you and explain the details and results of our testing. With your input, we further refine the solution for your application.

Step 3

Our hands-on approach allows us to form valued long term partnerships. We strive to earn your trust and help you grow your business with our ongoing support. This is our promise; we bring value, in the form of solutions.