Professional Green Painter’s Tape

Product Description

207 is a professional painter’s masking tape offering secure adhesion as well as clean and easy removal from most surfaces. It is also suitable for exposure to sunlight for up to 7 days. Its conformable backing offers excellent resistance to humidity and paint bleed-through. NOT Recommended for use on lacquer.

Backing: Creped Paper
Thickness (mil): 5
Adhesion to Steel (oz/in): 18
Adhesive Type: Natural Rubber
Long Term Temp. Resistance (°F):
Elongation at Break (%):
Tensile Strength (lbs/in):
Color:  Green


Main Applications

  • Exterior and interior masking (sunlight exposure)
  • Masking polyurethane coated surfaces
  • Unfinished wood
  • New, unpainted or freshly painted drywall
Technical Data Sheet