Colored Specialty Masking Tape

Product Description

PF3 is a medium crepe paper masking tape with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. It is not printable.

Backing: Creped Paper
Thickness (mil): 5.2
Adhesion to Steel (oz/in): 32
Adhesive Type: Synthetic rubber
Application Temp. Range (°F): 50 to 90
Operating Temp. Range (°F): 40 to 150
Long term Temp. (°F): 150
Elongation at Break (%): 7
Tensile Strength (lbs/in): 19
Color: White, black, purple, red, light and dark green, yellow, orange, pink, grey and light and dark blue


Main Applications

  • Light-weight packaging
  • Bag locking
  • Decorative edging
  • Marking
  • Color coding
Technical Data Sheet